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The Forest of Souls
The beasts were huge, by far the biggest water spirits Alice had ever seen in the Forest of Souls.
They were nearly as tall as the trees themselves, walking on a pair of spindly frog-like legs; some had massive backs, arched, with long pointy barbs along their spines and small frog-like faces; the ones with no spikes had large faces like catfish, their long whiskers trailing behind them. Each were covered with mushrooms and fungi to help camouflage them with their surroundings, even though it seemed remotely pointless, considering the great amount of space they took up. The lumbered slowly around each tree, though their transparency would probably allow them to walk right through them.
They marched with a sort of sad, lost stature, as if they were going somewhere, but they’d forgotten where halfway through their journey.
They didn’t know where they were, Alice knew that much. They were river spirits with no river left; they had no more significant point in life than newly-h
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Burned Out
Once  there was a star named Sol, and a moon named Luna
The two lived together, and grew up side-by-side on a planet called Creation.
Sol lived on the sunny side, its gleaming golden hair too bright to look directly at.
Luna lived on the dark side, its long silvery white hair glimmering.
Sol was loud and outgoing, while Luna was shy and quiet.
To pass time, Luna would admire all the faraway stars, as they danced.
The star was usually very content with Luna’s companionship, and would get jealous whenever the moon would stare off into the distance, causing it to burn brighter, and harder, trying to get noticed.
Luna would never tell him, but Sol was its favorite star. But every time the star burned bright, Luna shrank away, its spirit too hot to handle.
One day, it was too much. Sol just wanted to hug Luna, just once. The star ignored the Creator’s warning and reached over, wrapping its arms tightly around Luna.
Luna let out a surprised squeak, but hugged it back, a
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I stared silently down at my dirty palms, wondering how things had ever gotten this bad.
The back of my neck prickled, alerting me to one of the immune, coming closer and closer.
I curled myself tighter into a ball, wrapping my arms around my legs and trying not to notice how much my stomach was growling.
Outside the closet I heard a familiar voice say “Boy, look at all the sickies. Poor saps are probably gonna die soon.”
And another, even more painfully familiar voice said “Shut up and keep looking for the thing, dude.”
“Look for it where? All these rooms are just full of soon-to-be-dead people, Ave.”
I clenched my jaw and pressed my face into my knees. No. No. It wasn’t him. It couldn’t be. He’d died. I saw him die.
The closet door let out an ugly creaking sound as it opened, and all of my fellow sickies that the scientists had managed to fit in here lurched forward excitedly, their noses twitching slightly, like demonic bunnies.
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Sara's Alarm~ Part 1
~In which my homework gets wrecked~
I was in the chemistry lab when the alarm went off, causing me to jump in surprise.
I had stayed in during my lunch period and no one had come back yet, but I could still hear their screams echoing all the way across the main building and all along the halls as students fled from their classes.
Was I scared?
Because they were letting out wails of joy rather terror.
Because today was one of those rare occasions that the fire alarm went all the way, the sprinklers spraying us with freezing water on full blast.
I gasped as I was forced to watch 3 hours' worth of homework practically melt before my very eyes. My horrified expression quickly changed to anger. The funny guy that pulled the alarm  was about to regret it.
I gathered my stuff and was about to leave when four teenagers stumbled in, all of which looked about sixteen; my age.
Each of their faces covered some kind of emotion; one girl bore grief- fresh by the look of i
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“Max,” I whispered, trembling. My breath made a small cloud in the frosty air, and my body refused to go numb. The steel tube around me kept any remote  chance of Max hearing me three feet away, let alone, the other side of the facility. I watched, unable to do anything as he unknowingly passed by us.
I was being frozen to death, while my brothers were being burned in the tube next to mine, but the steam in theirs and the fog in mine kept him from even seeing us.
“Help.” The word came out as a tiny gasp. My body was shuddering so violently I couldn’t stop, and now I felt like I was burning up, which was both literally and physically impossible at this point.
An eerie calm filled me, and then all of a sudden I couldn’t feel anything, I couldn’t have forced my pinkie toe to twitch for the life of me, and it wasn’t until my eyes slid shut of their own accord that I truly realized that I no longer had control of my own body.
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Definitely NOT Human
I stumbled up the porch steps, disoriented.
I squeezed my eyes shut and tried to regulate my breathing in order to heal more quickly and efficiently.
After a few deep breathing exercises, I reached forward, and, using my good arm, rang the doorbell.
A young male human answered the door, and stared at me suspiciously. “Who are you and what do you want?”
“My name is Vera,” I said formally. “Nice to meet your acquaintance. May I come inside your home to rest?”
He gave me a weird look. “What?”
My head tilted in confusion. “Do you not speak English? I just assumed that you did considering that this is Houston, Texas, America, Earth, Star System R-113 that you spoke…”
He waved his hands out in front of him. “Wait a minute. Star system? R-113? What does that mean?”
I stood there in silence.
“Well?” he asked, placing his hands on his hips.
“You told me to wait for a minute.”
He rolled his eyes
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My brother Caiden and I are fraternal twins.
We can also communicate with each other through telepathy, but I’ll get to that later.
We’re each other’s best friend, and have been pretty much inseparable since birth considering we were even born holding hands.
We were born on May 21st, which is kind of ironic considering that makes us Gemini, aka, the twins.
Because we’re twins, we’ve always shared; birthday parties, rooms, clothes, friends, food, books, video games, Netflix accounts, everything.
We’ve never minded.
It was just a fact of life for us.
I, Katherine, share with Cae, and he, Caiden, shares with me.
Ever since we were little, I’ve always hung out with him and his guy friends, and he’s always hung out with me and my girl friends.
I remember once when we were ten, he was so excited about going to our friend Ricky’s birthday because they were gonna go to Dave & Busters.
Instantly, I got excited too, b
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